The Wynfyd association has just been founded
on the 2nd of august 2004 to be exact .
That's young.

There are plenty of things to do

- new marionettes

- new show

- shadow theater

- wayang techniques

- construction of a big mongolian jurt

- training courses and so on

So if you want to lend a helping hand ,for the moment we do need :

- oh lord won't you buy me a mercedes benz van - in perfect condition please !

- a trailer in good shape too

- professional sound system

- 2 microphones HFSennheiser

- video equipment

- machine dressed chestnut wood

- 200 m² of tarpaulin ( water +fireproof + fungicide)

- 3 bottles of raspberry (Louis Roque , Souillac , Lot , France
If you don't wanna send us any , please unleast try it yourself...

- and any other goodies from your country