The black Fairy

Created by Florence in 2004
Fabrication time : 300 hours
18 strings

Heigth :
Weigth :
Head :
Arms , Legs ,Hands , Feet :
2 feet
2lb 73oz

It's the first marionette that Florence ever made .
This happened during a professional class given by Caerlynn in the springtime of 2004 .
Discovering the treasures of all the techniques taught - moulding , sculpturing ,papier-mache , metalwork and so on, Florence wanted her puppet so perfect , that the planned time of fabrication in the end was double .
An enormous work for the head and a very long period of research to get this afro-look effect .The mouth had to be taken up a several times because of a problem of demoulding and also on account of an unsuccessful try at painting it .
That stiffed the expression and wasn't pleasant at all .

When at least the day came to put the puppet on her strings we found out that she walked more like a duck than a noble Dame and once again the whole of Caerlynn's science was needed to finally obtain her noble way of moving .

The construction of an 18 string marionette is a genuine kind of a delivery mixed up with all those strongest emotions .

The black Fairy has come from far-off countries to meet with Lynda . She carries the nobility , the pride and the wisdom of the nomad tribes from the south .
For the moment she still keeps all of her mystery .

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