Babichka the Grandmother


Created by Caerlynn in 1994
Fabrication time : 150 hours
18 strings

Heigth :
Weigth :
Head :
Arms and legs :
Hands :

3 lb 70 oz


The casting was made some where up between moss and rocks in a spot of the Pyrenees-mountains - too marvelous to unveil .
For the moulding, good clay was needed , free of roots, stones and worms . Beautiful things should be done without any interruption , but this was the case here, and when a couple of weeks later the work was taken up again, the head was totally dry .In the bottom of a soup dish it was sprinkled over with water to get it soft again . Little by little, then a bit more - not enough - still a little more - too much !!!
Like a castle of sand it finally disappeared in the mud . All was to be started once more ! But all this was not to prevent her from seeing the light of day about 150 hours later . Right behind the wintercamp there was elmwood left for her hands . In these times the elmtrees did suffer a terrible disease which killed nearly the whole species .That's how a travelling sculptor could always find one of the best woods for precise work .A real delight to sculpt those hooked fingers .

Ever since Babichka has become a famous storyteller .
As a wise fairy no one would dare to question her authority .



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