This show is a poem to life which brings the fairy people into our hearts and carries us to our dreams and emotions.

"It is an ancient, a very ancient story, it is the story of the beginning..."
announces Babichka, the story-telling grandmother

The 18-string marionette is so powerful that it can communicate with the imp spirit of the spectators who thus become creators of beauty and magic themselves.
So the show is continuously renewed, playing on the interaction with the
public and the spot where it takes place.



Technical details

This production has been traduced to french,english,spanish and german.
A poetic tale for adults with or without children ( from 6 years upwards )

- 6 traditional 18-string, wooden marionettes

- 2 puppeteers, Caerlynn and Florence Yschard

- creation of puppets, costumes, scenery : Caerlynn

- Scenario and production : Caerlynn

- Distribution and contact : Florence Yschard

- set-up time : 4 hours

- dismantling time : 3 hours

- Space necessary for the stage and public :10 x 11 yd

- stage size :7 x 4 yd

- 1 electric plug at less than 50 m away from the stage

- chairs , benches or terraced seating for 100 spectators

- Duration : 50 minutes

this show is without sound system and needs a very quiet spot .

There must be no traffic , fountain or river noise , sound from public address system, canon-fire, etc..

Perfect places could be for example :Courtyard closed by two or three walls , cloister , castle , forest , hall or any place of wood and stone surroundings with good accoustics .