created by Caerlynn in the year of '92
time of fabrication :150 hours
18 strings

height :
weight :
head :
hands , arms and legs :
shoes :
cross :
3.53 lb
box and oak

The cross was sculpted in the summer of 1991.

The horse drawn caravan stops in the shade .Equipped with an ax and dressed in a loincloth Caerlynn , looking for rolled wood , went to cross the river . After a while he found the piece of boxwood which seemed dry enough and was left there hanging in the branches by the last swelling of the river .
Some days later the cross was finished ; one year after this , during the wintercamp , the work of the marionette itself did start .

This happened in a special kind of mood of simplicity and naivety which , mixed with the nobility of the materials used are , without any doubt the very essence of LIPOU .

He is the descendant of the beings of silence . He is the elf of the forest the healer of flowers .He was knighted Chevalier du Carcassès . 7 years throughout he did enchant the medieval cité of Carcassonne and its visitors .
He is the very soul of the Wynfyd theater.

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