Created by Caerlynn in 1997
Time of fabrication : 250 hours
19 strings


Heigth :
Weigth :
Head :
Arms , Legs , Hands :
Cross :

2.10 feet
3.20 lb
Cherrywood and Papermache
Box and Oakwood

Such as Gherkin she too was made to act in the " Magical Ring " but contrary to him her fabrication wasn't relaxed at all; it needed a tremendous amount of work
(250 h) .It never is easy to make nudes . so much researching for the articulations which shouldn't be too visible , keeping at the same time their fluidity and accuracy , so much pouncing of the head too ; Brazing was employed for the wings mechanics .A technical design helped to never lose the precision during the long fabrication time .A couple of months afterwards, the legs and the paintings were taken up once more - approximations don't satisfy .

The result is magnificient ;Her beauty leaves us open mouthed .
She is the ephemeral fairy which one would like to hold without never getting to . Since 2003, Florence flaps her wings and dancing Lynda now gives the rhythm to the show . she has the immense power of the beings of silence .with her endless tenderness she represents the fairy people .


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