Created by Caerlynn in 1996
Fabrication time : 80 hours
18 strings

Heigth :
Weigth :
Head :
Hands, Arms ,
Legs & Shoes :
Body :

2.87 lb


Gherkin should have played in the "Magical ring " show - a remixed show from the early 80's made up in a new version in 1996 .
He was thought to have a shy kind of a character . But little by little he took his place in the " Ring of the ancients "arrangement , to attain at last his quite cool and relaxed expressions .
This resembles, by the way, the mood in which he was made : a vague drawing , an old broken chair and a never used piece of stair ramp of oak ... 80 hours later this Gherkin came out of his vinegar pot of pickled onions , put on strings without any problem , never gone over again - incredible !

And now that little beast is jumping right on the scene gettin' the hugest ovations .

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