We first should tell you about an elf warrior called Caerlynn
  and Lipou his ambassador , a being of silence with a marvelous and tender power .

  Caerlynn was born in the Year of '66 .As a descendant of an old stock of inhabitants of   the forest , dwelling near the brook and as a friend of the denizens of the woods he   happened to be exiled in a too big town far from where the waters flow .
  When he was 8 years old fortunately he saw this famous czech theater from Prague   called Spejbl & Hurvinek ( created in 1930 by Josef Skupa )

  Totally captivated he decides to become a puppeteer .Starting with a couple of
  2-stringed-wire marionettes he goes on to the famous Pelham puppets (8 strings )   until his 11th year .He constructs his first marionette at the age of 12 , gets his
  first pay   for his first show by 14 and quits school by 15 to learn sculpture and   the professional  bases of puppeteer art .

  By the age of 18 he chooses the travelling life and there learns the noble arts and
  crafts of the troubadours .

  He first crosses France by bike to find the brooks and forests again .He happens to
  get in touch with tinkers and the horses strength and nobility charms him in time .
  He proudly lives as a nomad travelling in summer in his horse-drawn caravan and
  lives in a mongolian jurt in the winter months .He makes himself most of all he
  needs and gives his show just following his nose .

  Lipou is born in 1992 during the wintercamp inside ( and beside ) the caravan , right
  in the face of the Pyrenees mountain range .He is the interior elf and the very soul of   Caerlynn filled with all the treasures of the heart .

  For the summer season they all went down to Carcassonne .
  There were Caerlynn ,Lipou ,three horses and a dog.Such were the beginnings of the   theater, a theater of life which enchanted the cité of Carcassonne and its visitors for   seven years long .
  It was a time for Caerlynn to go thoroghly through the techniques of improvisation
  and Lipou, who doesn't talk, took up more and more space to acquire a real own   personality. More than a simple puppet he acquires a peerless charm and his mute   tenderness calls out to this simple , noble and pure part living inside each one of us .
  He has the power to reach and to communicate with the very hearts of the spectators   who in the mean time become themselves creators of beauty and magic .

  This is the incredible force and mystery of the 18-stringed marionettes ;they enter
  right to the heart of each one and every one answers and reacts emotionally
  according to his own story but always in a wonderful way .

  That is what Babichka means when she talks about the heart to heart language .
  150 people united around a couple of pieces of wood , material and strings ,
  radiant faces overflowing with joyful light - what nourishment for the puppeteer .

  In 1994 in the streets of old Carcassonne Caerlynn and Lipou met Psizivot, a czech   music group from Prague .Lipou loves dancing for hours on this lively slavic gipsy   music.After their first success they decide to work together .
  Babichka and Djedeczek (who later should become Master Wynfyd) were created .

  At about the same time, Caerlynn started playing in medieval festivals .

  In 1996 Gherkin and Lynda were made for the " Magical Ring " show.

  1997 Master Wynfyd gets his strings what led in 1998 to the first version of the
  "Ring of   the Ancients ", all created improvising with the spectators .
  Since that time the story has   been considerably enriched .

  It has now become to be a poetry of life for adults with or without their children ;   constantly new because of the interplay with the public , the nomad life of the theater   and the place where it happens .

  In 2002 the theater climbed up into a Pyrenean valley facing that steep rocky   mountain sight .

  The horse drawn caravan stopped a couple of days to play for about thirty fortunate   people living up there where water and air are pure .

  Florence is one of those .Like the others she too is deeply moved .Never before has
  she seen marionettes of such a powerful expression and falls in love
  with Lynda the Fairy.
  Florence adores the mountains and the horses too .For a while now she has been   thinking about travelling .Working as a nurse in a retirement home, she knows for a   long time that life happens here and now .She is deeply touched by this puppeteer
  who lives his art and his dream from day to day and takes us into our own dreams .

  A solid friendship starts . Florence discovers the deep and magic essence of the
  18-stringed marionettes .

  Rehearsing for months with Lynda the Fairy under the advice of Master Caerlynn
  she discovers the immensity of the possibilities of expressions and the power
  of this art .

  By the end of springtime 2003 the horse caravan takes off again to go west and see
  the northern coast of Spain. .Acting here and there , stopping in a village or on a   riverside, meeting with farmers, workers and dreamers
  (some worked on their dreams too ) .
  But always these encounters are infinitely rich and come out to be the real sense of a   traveller's life .The horses pulled the caravan all the way over to the Basque country.   Mother earth there appears as Mairi and the Basajaun is a moss-covered protector of   the forest .

  These very proud basque people received the caravan in a very lively manner and   reserved the heartiest welcome for it.Automn came and after 800 km the theater
  stops in "el païs de los trentis del musgosu y de las hadas " in celtic Cantabria .
  Once again we met people with open arms and thanks to a sort of 'snowball' effect
  the show, recently translated into Spanish, went through the schools and fairs of the   land.

  Two shows were given in the institute of foreign languages in Santander ( one in   french and the other in german - they didn't need to get it in spanish there...) .
  Twice the puppets appeared in the local television.

  The caravan came back to the northern Pyrenees in the springtime of 2004.
  Filled up   with the treasures of the journey - memories ,impressions , looks and   glances ,   languages and dialects old working techniques - new for us - these are our   riches .

  All this came to found an association .A place of creativity where elves and humans
  can meet to drink squirrel milk , to dance and sing ,to tell stories and to make them   come true.

  This is a true one !