Master Wynfyd

Created by Caerlynn in 1997
Time of fabrication : 150 hours
18 strings

Heigth :
Weigth :
Head :
Body , Legs , Arms :

2.26 feet
4.28 lb

His head was made at the same time as Babichka's (1994) .His , however , did survive the " wetting " (see Babichka) .
At this same time the body was created to become Djedechek (Grandpa) .

But he was not finished to act in the " musicomagic show " with the group "Psizivot" . He had to wait until 1997 to be put on strings with that new body adorned with gold work .

We are eager now to see the day in which he will open up the door to his smithy ,the forge of the circle of wynfyd - the high place of free creation .

By the glow of melting metal he will initiate us to the knowledge of the ancients .












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